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tv   Shepard Smith Reporting  FOX News  September 30, 2015 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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any influence we used to have especially in the middle east has evaporated. now we live in a world where russia is back and the picture is not good. thanks for being part of "the real story" today. i'm gretchen. here's shep. a very serious turn of events in syria. the russians now conducting air strikes, reportedly attacking the syrian dictator's enemy and telling the united states forces to get out of the way. the russians claim the strikes are aimed at the islamic state. but the evidence suggests that is not true. >> it does appear that they were in areas where there probably were not isil forces. >> and analysts insist now this could get very bad very quickly. ahead, we'll take you to the pentagon and to the white house where the administration claims vladimir putin's actually in a weak position here. it's complicated, we'll explain it. there's a lot of news, including hurricane joaquin. it's expected to intensify into a major storm and could be
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headed for the east coast. so let's get to it. >> breaking news, "shepard smith reporting" live from the fox news deck. >> good afternoon. late-breaking developments across many stories, the most important of which is this, the dramatic and disturbing development in the civil war in syria. russia today started dropping bombs to support syria's bloodthirsty dictator and the russians are warning the united states to stay out of the way. that's the word from senior pentagon officials who say president vladimir putin is lying about what he's really up to. the russians claim they hit islamic state locations in syria. but pentagon sources tell us the russian warplanes hit targets near the city of homs. and as you'll see on this map here, there is no isis threat there at all. in reality, this is the spot up here. there is no isis threat there. in reality we're told the russians went after syrian opposition fighters, the fighters trying to kick that country's dictator out of power, the fighters the united states support.
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russia released video showing the strikes. we're told the only warning ahead of the russian raid came from a bizarre confrontation in baghdad. here's how that went down. a defense official tells fox news that a three-star russian general went to the american embassy in baghdad and handed a note to an american staffer. the message contained within, russians will begin bombing in an hour and america should get its planes out of the skies over syria. along with the note, there was, we're assured, a heated conversation. think about this, a hardened top russian general confronting a united states defense staff member and trying to boss around the american air force. for its part the pentagon reports it is not bowing to russia's demands and u.s. air strikes against isis are continuing in syria's north as planned. the defense secretary ash carter held a frankly bizarre news briefing in the last hour, talking about women in combat
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and staffing levels and how much money they have. but repeated the same line he used last week. >> this approach -- that approach is tantamount as i said then to pouring gasoline on the fire. and in contrast, our position is clear that a lasting defeat of isil and extremism in syria can only be achieved in parallel with a political transition in syria. >> so far, the russians are making matters worse. today's russian raids happens days after president obama and president putin met for 90 minutes at the united nations. the white house said today it is too early to tell what the russian air strikes were targeting. it echoes the president's deputy national security adviser -- >> i'd rather be us than russia.
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our economy is growing. we're expanding into the world. russia's economy is contracting. >> that's not what this is about, ben rhodes. this is about the russians going to our embassy and telling us they're going to bomb and that we should get out of the way. many of the president's critics are not buying the idea that russia is vulnerable in this matter at all. instead, they say russia is taking advantage of the united states' weakness. >> the white house has said it's unclear exactly what russia's intentions are. if the white house is confused about putin's intentions and plans in syria, then the united states is in even worse trouble than many fear because it's not hard to discern what vladimir putin wants. >> so what does he want? senator mccain says putin wants to prop up the syrian dictator, bashar al assad, and expand russia's power there. it raises the question, why is
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president putin buddies with this murderous dictator in the first place? it's a longtime alliance that goes back to when assad bought weapons from russia. that deal reportedly continues to this day. one russian lawmaker said today that russia, quote, couldn't refuse bashar al assad and keep on seeing how people, women and children are dying. never mind that it's assad's own forces who are killing them, bombing entire towns, murdering children with poisonous gas. according to the human rights watchdog the number killed in syria's civil war is approaching 250,000 people. now today russia is sending its military to keep the man behind all the bloodshed in power and attacking forces that the united states supports. a complicated, multilevel conflict with numerous competing interests and goals just became more difficult to manage for the u.s. coalition. and much more dangerous to american forces. the russians have done an end around the united states and
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america's been caught completely off guard. we have team fox coverage. first to jennifer griffin at the pentagon. the things that have transpired since have been confusing and disturbing. >> heads spinning really, sh shepa shepard. the diplomatic appeal was formal and involved a translator. the russian general used the word "please" according to a written transcript of the meeting. needless to say, the pentagon, i'm told, was caught off guard. russian warplanes began dropping bombs in syria within hours of the russian general delivering that request at the embassy. the russian general said, quote, if you have forces in the area, we request they leave. the russian general was from that military cell that we first
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reported russia established with syria and iran in baghdad last week, another surprise for the u.s. embassy in baghdad. >> how did the american forces respond? >> well, it sent them scrambling. it was unexpected to say the least. i got woken up with a call at 4:15 a.m. eastern time with a tip that it had just occurred. washington was caught oguard. centcom says u.s. warplanes will not comply with the russian request. quote, today's request will in no way alter >> i take the russians at their word. they're clear about what they say and their actions reflect what they said they were going to do. my problem is that i don't understand what they're doing. i think that my problem is that i think what they're doing is
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going to backfire and is counterproductive. >> that from the u.s. defense secretary here at the pentagon just moments ago, shepard. a confusing message. he said that he has ordered his teams to keep planning meetings to talk to their russian counterparts even though this action in baghdad caught all of them off guard and was not part of what they had discussed with the russian defense minister and the president discussed with putin on monday. >> jennifer griffin, thanks so much. breaking right now in the last moment from nato, we just got this, the nato chief says the russian air strike made no effort to avoid any conflict with u.s.-led coalition forces against isis. team fox coverage continues now with reaction from the white house. peter dooci is there. >> officials here are so ko
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confident the situations are so similar, they believe russia will fail. the white house thinks the solution should be a political transition and they repeated today as they have many times over the last several years, the political transition hinges on assad leaving. no update on how to get rid of him. >> this meeting between the american president and the russian president, we got no word on what was discussed. do we know whether today's actions were talked about then? >> we know they were not talked about. josh earnest specifically said putin never leaned in to obama and said, get out of the way, we're going to go clean things up in syria. we now know that when president obama and putin chatted monday
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it was about de-conflicting military operations in syria. and earnest says the president's main focus is rooting out isis with air strikes because he believes that's the best way to protect america's security. and nobody here thinks that president putin has outsmarted president obama. >> peter, thank you. let's bring in the retired colone colonel, cedric leighton. sir, thank you. >> you bet, shep. >> what has just happened? >> shep, it is a classic russian maneuver. they have various terms for it. but basically what they're doing is deception. they tell you one thing, they go and do another. they go in and negotiate or appear to start their negotiating process even at a high level like with president
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obama and then their tactical actions in syria show what they're really up to and what they're really up to right now is exercising a degree of control that they weren't able to exercise before. but now that they've got forces in place, they can actually not only expand their sphere of control but they can also shore up the assad regime. what they're doing is very clearly shoring up the assad regime. >> so they're fighting against the people we're supporting. moments ago we got this, the syrian opposition chief, the man the united states supports, said in the last few minutes that all 36 casualties in the russian air strikes were civilians, no fighters killed. the russians are attacking the people whom we're supporting. where does that put our military? >> it puts our military in a very difficult position because our military is designed to protect those very people. our mission is designed to do that. what the russians are doing is absolutely the opposite. what they are doing is they're protecting the assad regime and
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the people that they are going after that they have apparently killed in this case, they are basically in the way. and it doesn't matter to them that there is going to be collateral damage. it doesn't matter to them that there are going to be consequences on the ground for civilians and in fact that will probably increase the flow of refugees into europe. that all doesn't matter in the russian calculation. >> the russians did an end run around us by any estimation of what just happened. they attacked people we're supporting. then the defense chief comes up and starts talking about the budget and women in combat and basically dances around this. what did you make of that? >> well, i was very disappointed, shep. there are times when it's appropriate to talk about staffing functions, things like women in combat and the future of the force. but there are other times when it's really necessary to engage in a war-fighting posture. and we are not seeing that. this is a war-fighting moment. it is time for the pentagon and for the entire military
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establishment to understand that they are confronting a very clear and present threat from the russians not unlike what we encountered during parts of the cold war period. and this is what it's all about. you have to confront them at the level that they understand. and that level means a very direct confrontation with these people sometimes. hopefully one that avoids actually shooting at each other but it becomes very, very important to really tell them that we will not be pushed around by them. and unfortunately we're letting ourselves be put in that position. >> our messages may be muddled. the russians' messages are not muddled. they have surface-to-aircraft missiles and planes with offensive capability against other planes. isis has no plane. who is this supposed to be meant for if not us? and now what happens if, oops, there's an accident or a u.s. drone or worse, a u.s. jet, a
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downed? what happens then? >> that becomes a real mess at that point. and here's the issue. in the last decade, actually over the past 13 or so years, the united states has engaged in combat in the air that has largely been unopposed. there's been no air force to go up against us, no air force of the same caliber. now it's changed. all of a sudden the russians have changed their whole modus operandi. and what they've brought in is basically the ability to combat us in an air-to-air manner. those planes are designed to fight us and to fight the coalition air forces and they're designed to extract casualties. at the very least, they're designed to give us pause when it comes to acting in syria so that they get their way and not us. >> colonel, thank you. much more ahead on syria and the russians in this hour. also, we're watching the situation over northern afghanistan where the taliban have now taken over a city. and we're hearing u.s. special forces are fighting militants on the ground.
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u.s. military commanders say they want to keep thousands of military troops in afghanistan despite president obama's drawdown plans. and a strengthening hurricane, where joaquin is and is expected to go and when.
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u.s. special operation forces in afghanistan have come under fire. during the battle to retake a major city frtd taliban. that's according to "the washington post" newspaper. in addition, coalition officials tell fox news that american
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forces fired back and launched an air strike to wipe out what they call an insurgent threat near an airport outside the city of kunduz. afghan troops have been holding out at that airport after the taliban took over the city of kunduz earlier this week. this is the first time that the taliban have controlled a major city in afghanistan since the u.s.-led invasion back in 2001. coalition officials say those u.s. special ops forces are advising and assisting the afghans but also have the right to defend themselves if needed and apparently that's what they're doing now. remember nearly 10,000 american troops are still in afghanistan in what they're calling a noncombat role. but how quickly noncombat can change. lea gabrielle will more. we have conflicting reports about how all this went down. >> u.s. officials haven't given us a clear picture of exactly what happened. but according to our pentagon producer, department of defense officials confirmed that dozens of our special forces fighters
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actually engaged taliban fighters. listen to how a white house spokesman describes his understanding of what happened. >> i think the military was say that it's not accurate to describe them as being engaged in that firefight. the role that they have is to provide advisory support to the afghans participating in that effort. >> not saying, per se, that the u.s. troops were involved in a firefight. but reuters reports a senior afghan security official says that u.s. troops left the airport and killed militant fighters. >> yeah, you don't have to say it for it to be true. what's the deal with -- we're supposed to be pulling out of afghanistan. >> that's right. but in light of the current security situation, u.s. military commanders, we're hearing, are suggesting keeping a few thousand troops in afghanistan past next year. today, a white house official noted that there is flexibility in the president's plan for withdrawal. take a listen. >> we're going to continue to monitor the efforts by the afghan government and afghan security forces to retake
12:20 pm
kunduz. and that will factor into a longer-term assessment of the conditions on the ground. which will influence longer-term policy decisions that the president will have to make. >> and meantime on the hill today, when republican senator john mccain blamed the current situation in syria on the obama administration, he said that the u.s. may be on course to repeat it in afghanistan with a withdrawal. take a listen. >> kunduz is in the northern part of afghanistan where it was believed was fairly stable. showing the ability of the taliban and the effects of our withdrawal. >> and as you know, the president has said he plans to withdraw down to basically an embassy and enough security to protect the embassy, around 1,000 troops by the end of next year. >> thanks, lea. hurricane alert from the extreme weather center. yesterday it was a tropical storm. today a category 1 hurricane and a brand-new forecast, joaquin is said to be about to become a
12:21 pm
major storm and could very well hit the east coast. you see where it is, headed toward the bahamas. but that is not the story. there is much more to the movement of this storm ahead. and everyone on the united states' east coast needs to see this.
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two major weather stories today. first there is now a hurricane off the east coast, the up to the minute forecast moments away. unconnected but serious, torrential rains pummelling portions of the mid-atlantic. here's a look at the james madison university campus, harrisburg, virginia. rushing waters flooding a parking lot. and a student there posted this video to twitter from outside her dorm building. we have images to show you in
12:25 pm
our slide show today. here's a picture of that very campus. you can see a lot of it is under water. also in harrisburg, emergency officials evacuating a family from their home as the waters creeped toward the doorway. you can see here, way too close for comfort. heavy rains stretched all the way to parts of massachusetts and upstate new york. a worker right outside albany getting ready to tow a car stranded and flooded out. and here, this is mobile, alabama, yesterday after a night of heavy rain. it ended up more than a foot of walton beach and destin a mess. similar situation for lots of folks along the gulf coast with flooded streets and rescue teams pulling people from cars and buildings. horrible along the panhandle. then there's hurricane joaquin. it's picking up strength as it approaches the bahamas right now. it's expected to become a major storm soon. want to look at the current loop of this storm. you can see it to the east of the bahamas.
12:26 pm
and it's been just sort of sitting and spinning. max winds, 85 miles an hour, category 1 storm. but our meteorologists say they expect it to strengthen over the next couple of days. some models show it heading toward the east coast early next week or over the weekend. the effects will certainly be felt. we have new video in from an island in the central bahamas where you can see the streets are already starting to flood ahead of the storm's expected arrival there later today. our chief meteorologist is with us. this one's been kind of confusing. >> kind of confusing. still a little bit confusing. all those pictures you were just showing of the flooding, that's before we end up with a tropical storm in some of those same spots. so get on idea whof what potentially is coming. this one popped up pretty quickly. all the conditions at this point look like it can really strengthen a lot for us over the next couple of days. we very possibly could be looking for a cat 3 or cat 4 hurricane off the eastern
12:27 pm
seaboard. >> cat 3 or 4? >> in the next couple of days. the official forecast takes it to a cat 3 storm within a couple of days. two different scenarios, one, bermuda scenario, that's what we're hoping for. another pulls it in towards the west. these are the models. you hear about the euro and the gfs models. they are split. the euro is a really reliable model. we don't want to discount that one. >> i'm feeling it. >> hopefully we all are. but this model pulls it in somewhere around virginia, north carolina, maybe up toward the chesapeake bay area. >> anything to break this up? >> there's no big land mass here to blaek it up. we're either talking about a fish storm or we're talking about possibility likely, if we see an eastern seaboard here, a very legit storm. the center of this track, we don't want to focus on. the reason it's splitting it,
12:28 pm
it's either to the east or the west. this line is splitting it. that line isn't going to happen. it's either this scenario or that scenario. not this middle scenario. >> everybody getting wet? >> everybody's getting wet. >> from florida all the way up to coast. >> either scenario, we will have 10-inch-plus rainfalls. this scenario, we could see an 18-inch rainfall situation. big, big flooding. this is a saturday, sunday, into monday event. >> when will we have a better idea about what model is right? >> generally we send up weather balloons twice a day. today they started doing it four times a day so we have better initialization of those models. by tomorrow, we should have a better idea on these. >> we should de-conflict. >> we should. but we're watching this one seriously. >> thank you. we'll wait for you updates. more on our top story. russia telling american forces to please move before it started bombing enemies of the syrian
12:29 pm
dictator bashar al assad. the strikes just a couple of days after putin met face to face with president obama. so how did russia seemingly pull this one over on the white house? what are the next steps? how serious is all of this? it tops the news at the bottom of the hour next. it's one of the most amazing things we build and it doesn't even fly. we build it in classrooms and exhibit halls, mentoring tomorrow's innovators. we build it raising roofs, preserving habitats and serving america's veterans. every day, thousands of boeing volunteers help make their communities the best they can be. building something better for all of us.
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tessa scheduled to release its first suv today. it has doors that open upward. that's a little frightening, isn't it? if you want one of these, elon musk says it will take at least eight months. the company reports it's already received more than 30,000 orders for the suv.
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updating our top story. russian air strikes in syria have killed a top officer in a rebel group that western nations including the united states support, according to the group's website. russia insists it is bombing islamic state targets but russia is always insisting something and usually it is not true. in this case, u.s. officials say the strikes are hitting areas where there are no isis fighters. all of this just two days after president obama and putin met at the united nations. they clinked glasses together after speaking for 90 minutes. what did they speak of? we do not now. associate editor of "the wall street journal" is with us now.
12:35 pm
lots of different groups with lots of different objectives and lots of different tactics and they conflict. >> that's right. they're trying to kill people we're trying to help who are trying to kill people that they're trying to help. it gets complicated. the airspace gets complicated. the big concern is there's the possibility of an accident. there's no control tower over this. there's no communication of, we're sending our plane over here, you should be over there. the u.s. has the capacity to see the entire airspace over syria. but the possibility of a mistake still exists. and this is an effort by russia not just to help assad but to keep its own naval base and air base in syria protected against isis. >> so the russians have more than one goal here? >> yes. and that is to back up -- the key thing is to back up assad so that it's own interest in the region remains intact, not just its military capability in the region but that it extends its power and influence into what's
12:36 pm
going on in iran, in yemen, in iraq and in syria and lebanon, that whole area, getting russia back into the business of the middle east. >> they've brought in airpower. some planes have air-to-air combat kanlts. they've brought in defense mechanisms against air forces and yet isis has no air forces. >> no. they don't want to tango with an american fighter jet. but who knows what may happen. that's not their intent here. their intent is to circumscribe their area of influence. but remember when the russians were like in afghanistan. there was a lot of indiscriminate killing. they were unable to maintain control of afghanistan. now they're walking back into an environment where the u.s. has
12:37 pm
maintained to keep influence in iraq and in afghanistan as well. >> and the russians are still operating in the east of ukraine, trying to get a land bridge to crimea. and at first it looked like a head fake, look over here so you don't see this. and now it appears they're operating on multiple fronts. >> this is a putin who sees a bigger role for russia in the world and a putin who's wrestling with economic contraction back home. his economy, there's now data out that says it's contracting even faster as a result of sanctions and as a result of the drop in oil prices. you have a 3%, 4% economic contraction. wag the dog here. one thing to do is to distract people with overseas ventures away from the difficulties at home. >> this is not a way to get sanctions removed. this is the opposite. >> no, it isn't. and i think it's primarily putin's vision of russia in the world. this is an extension of that vision, which is of a power, of a player of somebody who's at
12:38 pm
all the big tables when the big decisions are being made. >> russia clearly wants more influence in the middle east. there's oil in the middle east. they want their troops in the middle east. the united states doesn't want any of that. is that going to become a reality no matter what the united states does? >> we're doing something there. we're bombing right along with the french and with the russians. it seemed like the question now is, who isn't bombing in syria? there are some in congress who say, look, there may be a silver lining here. maybe it creates the possibility for a political resolution. russia's an ally also of iran which has also be supporting assad. maybe there is that possibility. maybe russia gets bled by this contract and retreats. one thing is for sure. this is not going to be good for the immigration problem -- the migration problem into europe. that is a massive, enormous issue for europe to contend with and metabolize those waves of migrants trying to get away from syria and the other conflicts in north africa.
12:39 pm
>> one of the worse case scenarios was creating a power vacuum. will the russians allow that to happen? >> i think that's probably not a bad thing to put into the equation. whether or not that's actually going to happen remains to be seen. but that is one argument. a silver lining is that while -- some of the groups that we are supporting against assad are also the enemies of russia now. so, too, is isis. so this perhaps helps the united states, helps the french against the problem of a spreading isis influence. >> it's very complicated. great reporting on it at as putin attempts to take control of this war in syria, what kind of power does president obama have? what sort of power does congress have here? let's bring in the judge, judge andrew napolitano is with us from new york. what sort of power is there for effecting change here for the congress and for the president?
12:40 pm
>> the president has a resolution to use military force which was given to his predecessor, president bush. but it will not work with syria because it is a lawful, valid government that we have recognized and that has neither threatened nor attacked us. that means the president has to ask for a declaration of war by the congress. i don't know if there's enough political will for that. or he has to use his authorities under the war power resolution, that allows the president of the united states on his own to wage offensive hostilities against another country for 90 days. then he has to go to congress. that's not his most serious legal impediment. the u.n. treaty, whatever you think of the u.n., we have signed this treaty and it prohibits offensive hostilities against another member nation, syria, without the approval of the u.n.
12:41 pm
george h.w. bush got the approval of the u.n. before we invaded iraq in the '80s. george w. bush got the approval of the u.n. before we invaded iraq and afghanistan after 9/11. it would be impossible for president obama to get that because vladimir putin has veto. >> so does china, for that matter. >> yes. so if they want to follow the u.n. treaty, we're at a stalemate. if they want to say, the heck with the treaty, this is too terrible a situation to allow vladimir putin to have a free hand and they want to go in there, then they risk what john was just talking about, a war with russia over syria. >> this doesn't apply to isis? >> no. this does not apply to isis because it's not a valid country, it's not a member state. it's not been recognized by the u.s. it would arguably fit within the terrorist organization, the deflection of which is in the authorization to use military force which is still valid law and which authorizes president
12:42 pm
obama to go after isis. >> can you imagine the three-star general knocking on the door of the american embassy in baghdad today and handing this -- beginning this translated discussion about how the russians are about to start dropping bombs and, please, america, stay out of the way? >> it's inconceivable. and i think it's unprecedented historically. and i'm glad that john kerry for once drew a line in the sand and said, forget about it. >> it's not as if we were operating in that area because they're in the west in homs. our air strikes were in the north today because isis, according to the pentagon and others, is not where the russians were today. clearly, though they won't come out and say it, that was not the russians' target. you don't target a place where the people aren't. >> correct. but john's other warning i think was very effective. innocent civilians will die as a result of this. the united states cares about that. i doubt that russia cares. >> judge napolitano live in the newsroom, thank you.
12:43 pm
more ahead on syria and republican candidates are weighing in now. we'll head out to iowa where carl cameron just spoke to some of them. and we're watching major developments on wall street. the dow soaring today. if it's not crashing, it's soaring. today's a soar. enjoy. we'll be back. today, jason is here to volunteer to help those in need. when a twinge of back pain surprises him. morning starts in high spirits but there's a growing pain in his lower back. as lines grow longer, his pain continues to linger. but after a long day of helping others, he gets some helpful advice. just two aleve have the strength to keep back pain away all day. today, jason chose aleve. aleve, all day strong. and try aleve pm, now with an easy open cap.
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don't drink alcohol while taking lyrica. don't drive or use machinery until you know how lyrica affects you. those who have had a drug or alcohol problem may be more likely to misuse lyrica. now i have less diabetic nerve pain. and i love helping first graders put their best foot forward. ask your doctor about lyrica. we are getting reaction from republicans to russia dropping bombs in syria. our main man in politics is carl cameron. he's in davenport, iowa. just spoke to john kasich. what did he have to say? >> he's out here expanding his campaign here. i asked him about what's going on in syria. here's what he had to say. >> there ought to be some safe havens that we create where people and families can go to be safe. i think there ought to be a no-fly zone. and if it's violated, it should be dealt with aggressively. we have put ourselves in a very deep hole, created doubt with our friends and have in some
12:47 pm
ways emboldened our enemies. >> and tough talk from john kasich aimed at vladimir putin. all the republicans on this, on syria are virtually united. they believe that barack obama has mishandled it, shep. >> a no-fly zone and if the russians violate it, deal with it. does that mean we start a war with russia? is that what he means? >> he said, enforce it aggressively. >> all right. say whatever you want, i suppose. >> there you go. >> as long as you're not running the show. a new poll shows that so-called outsider candidates are leading the way in the republican race and the numbers are easy to see. >> sure, donald trump, ben carson and carly fiorina are breaking away from the rest of the pack. and the rest of the pack is in increasing trouble. as a matter of fact, just today, the criteria for the next debate has come out. it will be hosted at the end of october. and to get on the primetime
12:48 pm
debate stage, candidates will be required to have at least 3% in national polls. in that suffolk poll, that 3% threshold would cancel four of the candidates from the debate. and in an average of recent polls, right now, rand paul would be in serious trouble. his average is about 2.3% in the polls. that would not make the cut. so now comes the countdown to the next debate and who will be there and who might not. >> the way he sounded on "hannity" the other night, sounds like he's on his way out already. >> it's a tough time for rand paul. he's also spending a lot of time and money working on his senate reelection campaign in kentucky, notwithstanding his contemporaneous presidential bid. >> carl, thanks. you may be getting new credit cards in the mail before this year's expire because the united states is finally catching up with the rest of the world and switching cards to security chips.
12:49 pm
you may have gotten a temporary one. >> i got some, too, in the mail. this is what those chips look like. the new cards will be nearly identical to your magnetic strip cards. but these are hutch hard toer t hack and to duplicate. the deadline is tomorrow for all u.s. retailers to upgrade their systems to accept these new cards. so rather than swiping your card, you're now going to be dipping your card into these terminals. it's very similar in canada, europe, they've had this for years. not everyone is ready yet. 60% of americans still have their old cards. and so far, there are more than 1.2 billion cards that need to be swapped out. and nearly one in four businesses haven't yet upgraded their credit card terminals. so big issue for that is money. as far as what that means for consumers, the deadline is tomorrow. they will not have a penalty if you don't have your card yet
12:50 pm
with the chip. but retailers, on the other hand, will now have more increased fraud liability if someone was to, say, steal your information like those recent target hacking scandals. recent target hacking scandals. experts say if you're concerned, you can call your bank and ask them where your card is or apply for a new card altogether. >> thank you. >> no problem. a top u.s. military commander recently compared the crisis in the military to a nuclear disaster. general petraeus makes a prediction that seems to be coming true, next. hey honey. huh. the good news is my hypertension is gone. so why would you invest without checking brokercheck? check your broker with brokercheck.
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or if you have persistent fever, bruising, bleeding, or paleness. don't start enbrel if you have an infection like the flu. joint pain and damage... can go side by side. ask how enbrel can help relieve joint pain and help stop joint damage. enbrel, the number one rheumatologist-prescribed biologic. tand that's what we're doings to chat xfinity.rself, we are challenging ourselves to improve every aspect of your experience. and this includes our commitment to being on time. every time. that's why if we're ever late for an appointment, we'll credit your account $20. it's our promise to you. we're doing everything we can to give you the best experience possible. because we should fit into your life. not the other way around. updating our top story, the
12:54 pm
escalating crisis in syria. david petraeus called that country a chernobyl, a nuclear disaster we'll be dealing with for decades. his warning about russia back then was that vladimir putin doesn't really care about isis as he claims about that russia is up to something else entirely, which clearly it is. obviously, based on what happened today. trace gallagher is live with this. petraeus has been sounding an alarm for quite a while, trace. >> reporter: he's been saying because of sanctions against russia and a downturn in the russian economy, that vladimir putin will run low on money to fund the government and therefore has a limited window for aggressive action. but that window could prove to be very dangerous. just remember the timeline, just one week after the closing ceremonies of the 2014 winter olympics, the russian parliament
12:55 pm
approved putin's plan to take over ukraine. ten days after that nato cut ties with russia. then an uptick in maneuvers was seen such as hadn't been seen since the cold war. >> can you give us more on the comparison that the general made to chernobyl? >> reporter: he said the u.s. is standing back and allowing the situation to get worse, saying that russia's recent military escalation in syria shows that when the u.s. doesn't take the initiative, others will fill the vacuum in ways we will not like. it was before the senate armed services committee, where david petraeus called syria a geopolitical chgeo political chernobyl,. >> the fallout from the meltdown of syria threatens to be with us for decades.
12:56 pm
and the longer it is permitted to continue, the more severe the damage will be. >> reporter: petraeus thinks the best way to fight isis is to get the sunni population more involved, like during the surge in iraq in 2007, which of course david petraeus led. >> trace, thank you. the state department released thousands of additional pages of hillary clinton's e-mails. in the next hour we'll let you know what they found. meanwhile, this day in history, next. when my doctor told me i have
12:57 pm
age-related macular degeneration, amd
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infections and cancers, including lymphoma, have happened, as have blood, liver and nervous system problems, serious allergic reactions, and new or worsening heart failure. before treatment, get tested for tb. tell your doctor if you've been to areas where certain fungal infections are common, and if you've had tb, hepatitis b, are prone to infections, or have flu-like symptoms or sores. don't start humira if you have an infection. talk to your doctor and visit this is humira at work. on this day in 1895, newspapers, including the "new york times," reported that a sea serpent was lurking off the jersey shore. it was decades before somebody took this picture of the loch ness monster in scotland. witnesses did not get any photos of the jersey monster. they told the times it was traveling through the water at, quote, a great rate of speed, and was about 100 feet long.
1:00 pm
even scientific american magazine called the story well-corroborated. fox news cannot confirm it. but folks around the country read about a sea monster, 120 years ago today. and where was that again? off the coast of new jersey. go ahead, make fun of new jersey. it's the garden state. welcome, everybody. why today did the markets choose to ignore worrisome or bad news? i'm not kidding you. this is bizarre. we ended the month and the quarter on all sorts of nervewracking developments. including hurricane joaquin breathing down our necks, europe falling out of bed, growing concerns that russia and the united states might accidentally shoot each other's planes down. russia has war planes strafing through syria. and what happened to the dow? it's up. it's up a lot. today at le